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Frequently Asked Questions

Anchorage, Alaska


5 Common questions

1) Why should I take private violin, piano lessons when I can get tutorial videos for free?

A:  Receiving guidance in person will give you immediate feedback before bad habits set in, which may help alleviate muscle and tendon injuries.  A private instructor can be a source of knowledge for you to have a productive, relaxing, and efficient experience with the violin and viola from the start.

2) How Long Are the Lessons?

A:  Lessons are usually one hour long. I may be flexible with shorter or longer lessons when they are scheduled in advance.

3) What Should I Expect For the First Lesson?

A:  In the first lesson, we look at your or your child’s level of experience, personal goals and strengths, scheduling, and policies. This usually takes about 15 minutes. The next 45 minutes we focus on posture and how to play the violin or viola.

4) Do You teach adults?

A:   Yes, I enjoy teaching the violin and viola to people of all ages who have a drive to learn something new and/or continue their studies.

5) How early do you start violin, and piano lessons with children?

A:  I teach violin and viola lessons to ages 7 and up. Exceptions can be made, which will be determined during the first lesson.

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